• Specifications
CM-A Machine Specifications
Max. Swing diameter 304 mm
Max.Collet work diameter 32 mm
Min.Collet work diameter 5 mm
Max. Spiral angle 60
Max. Distance between nose of spindle and center of tailstock 100 mm,152 mm
Grinding wheel head
Grinding Diameter 100 mm
Slide travel 130 mm
Offset slide travel 100 mm
Front of center 50 mm
Rear of center 50 mm
Angle adjustment of Workhead
Rotation of Horizontal plane ±105(210)
Rotation of Vertical plane ±40
Grinding wheelhead
Longitudinal Slide travel 110 mm
Vertical Slide travel 240 mm
Cross slide travel 170 mm
Spindle speed
Workhead speed 370 rpm
440 rpm
Grinding wheelhead speed 4000,6000,8000 rpm
Workhead 1/4 HP (0.186 kw)
Grinding wheelhead 1/2 HP (0.373 kw)
L x W x H 2100 x 1150 x 2050 mm
Weight 1030 kg