TD Series Diamond Wheel Truing and Dressing Machine

Accuracy Rigidity Efficiency

TD Series Machine Specifications

Diamond / CBN grinding wheel TD-3 TD-5
Spindle type BT-40
Max. diameter Ø 250 mm
Min.diameter Ø 50 mm
Speed 100~2500rpm
Motor power 2 HP (1.5kw)
Cross drive Manual Servo
Longitudinal drive Manual Servo
Cross travel 280 mm
Longitudinal travel 140 mm
Truing /Dressing wheel
Dimensions Ø180 mm
Speed 200~3500 rpm
Motor power 1HP (0.75kw)
Longitudinal drive Servo
Longitudinal travel 100 mm
Oscillation drive Servo
Oscillation stroke -40~+40mm 0~-80mm
Swivelling drive Servo
Swivelling travel ±95º
L x W x H 2300 x 2100x 1820 mm 1660 x 2340 x 2050 mm
Weight 1750 kg 2260 kg

Standard Accessories

Half splash guard (manual)
Work Lamp
Optical linear scales with digital display counter (Resolution: TD-3= 0.005mm, TD-5= 0.001mm )
Leveling Bolts and Blocks
Spare Belt for Spindle Drive
Dressing Wheel Flange. ( Metric: 32 mm .or Imperial:31.75 mm )
Tool Box / Adjusting Tool
Cooling spray system
C.C.D Camera System with Magnification 5x~50x
Dust collection system
Wheel Dresser


Half splash guard (Auto)
Full splash guard
Customer specified Adapter and shank

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