TG-5 CNC Tool & Cutter Grinder

Accuracy Rigidity Efficiency

The TG-5 CNC tool grinder is flexible, precise, and economical. Its cost-effectiveness with the world famous NUM Flexium+ 68 controller and NUMROTOplus® software features versatile functions, for instance, excellent tool designs, 3D simulation, and collision monitoring.

5-axis simultaneous motion design achieves 0.1 μm precision, and efficiently handles various types of grinding technical problems while in operation. It is the best solution to meet your needs and realise an intelligent production system in the era of industry 4.0.


TG-5 Structure
  • 1. Belt-driven spindle type is BBT30 or optional HSK-50C to enhance the accuracy and rigidity of grinding wheel flange.
  • 2. Built-in spindle type is HSK-50C with high accuracy and minimum vibration (optional).
  • 3. A-axis Workhead spindle internal cone BT50 is driven by worm gears.
  • 4. Optional A-axis workhead direct drive motor with internal cone BT50.
  • 5. Optional built-in spindle HSK-50E and grinding wheel automatic exchange system with 2 sets of grinding wheels for exchange; each group of 3 wheels with maximum wheel diameter of Ø150 mm and the longest wheel position of 200 mm.
  • 6. 3D tool probe/grinding wheel probe automatically detects changes and makes corrections to improve machining accuracy.
  • 7. Optional FANUC LR Mate 200iD robot loader to meet the needs of automated production.
  • 8. The optional storage bin in a separate space can accommodate 4 sets of workpieces with a diameter of Ø3-16 mm.
Grinding Wheel Spindle
Belt-driven Spindle
  • Spindle Type is BBT30
  • Economical Type
  • Low maintenance Cost
A-axis Workhead
Worm Drive
  • Workhead Taper is BT50.
  • Consisting of Worm and Worm Gear
  • Large Transmission Ratio and Compact Structure.
Probe for Workpiece
  • Automatically measure important tool parameters, and perfectly position tool in the shortest time.
Probe for Grinding Wheel
  • Provide accurate, repeatable geometric data, and measure front position, back position and grinding wheel contour radius.

Controller and Software

  • Flexium+ has new and enhanced features, new panels, a new HMI, an enhanced servo bus, enhanced drives and simplified connectivity.
  • With NUMROTOplus®, a wide range of tools can be manufactured and resharpened, Each tool detail can be adjusted to suit individual needs, an exceptional variety of programs with a built-in database for tools, technology and grinding wheel packages, Auxiliary pictures for all parameter settings, displaying true to scale tool dimensions.
  • The 2D simulation is an integral part of NUMROTOplus®,
    all grinding operations can be simulated on the PC using the 2D simulation, With the integration in the NUMROTO software of 3D tool simulation with grinding process animation and collision monitoring with 3D machine simulation.
  • NUMROTO Draw (opt. )
    After entering all geometry parameters a dimensioned projection drawing can be created automatically, which are taken as true-to-scale color graphic image or DXF drawing from the 3D simulation.

TG-5 Series Machine Specifications

X-axis Stroke 370 mm
Y-axis Stroke 240 mm
Z-axis Stroke 190 mm
Swivel Angle A-axis Stroke 360°
Swivel Angle C-axis Stroke -16° -196°
Rapid Traverse
Rapid Traverse X/Y/Z 6 m/min
Rapid Traverse A 100 rpm
Rapid Traverse C 15 rpm
Linear Resolution 0.001 mm
Radial Resolution 0.001°
Grinding Range
Workpiece Diameter 3-20 mm
Max. Turning Diameter 90 mm
Max. Workpiece Length 150 mm
Max. Flute Length 100 mm
Wheel Packs Max. 2xØ150 mm (6") - opt
Wheel Spindle BBT30 Belt Driven
HSK-50C Built-in Spindle - opt
Spindle Power BBT30 7.5 kW
HSK-50C 5.5 kW - opt.
Max. Rotation Speed 9000 rpm
Controller NUM Flexium+ 68
Machine Dimensions
Electrical Power 3 x 380V Approx. 35 kVA
Weight 4530 kg
5200 kg (Including Robot System & Wheel Exchange System) - opt.
Dimensions (L x W x H) 3615 x 3812 x 2605 mm
3615 x 4326 x 2605 mm (Including Robot System) - opt.
Air Pressure Min. 5 kgf/cm²
Rated Flow Min. 150 L/min

Standard Accessories

Collet Holder - NANN System (Made in Taiwan):
SPC8 (for Collet Ø3-Ø8 mm)
Collet - NANN System(Made in Taiwan):
Ø6 mm
3D Touch Probe for Workpiece & Grinding Wheel
Grinding Wheel Flange
Full Encolsure Splash Guard
Leveling Bolts & Blocks
Halogen Lamp
Tool Box & Adjusting Tool

Optional Accessories

A-axis Direct Drive Motor
Collet Holder - NANN System (Made in Taiwan):
SPC16 (for Collet Ø9-Ø16 mm)
SPC25 (for Collet Ø20,Ø25 mm)
Collet - NANN System (Made in Taiwan):
Ø3, Ø4, Ø8, Ø10, Ø12, Ø16,Ø20 mm
HSK-50C Built-in Spindle
Automatic Grinding Wheel Exchange System
2 Set - opt. (Incl. HSK-50E 5.5 kW 7.5 HP)
Automatic Loading / Unloading System (Robot System)
Jaw:Ø3-Ø20 mm
Loading Tray:Ø3, Ø4, Ø6, Ø8, Ø10, Ø12, Ø16 mm
Cooling System
Magnetic Separator for Filtering HSS
Voltage Stabilizing Transformer
Spare Belt for Belt-Type Spindle
Block Gauge
Testing Bar
Measuring Jig for Grinding Wheels

Optional Attachment

Grinding Wheel Spindle

Built-in Spindle (Opt.)
• Spindle Type is HSK-50C
• High Rigidity
• High Precision
• High Power and High Torque
• Low Vibration

Grinding Wheel Changer (Opt. )

TG-5 is equipped with double wheel sets, with up to 3 wheels per axis, Spindle type is HSK-50E.
For changing the roughing, finishing and polishing wheels, Choose appropriate cutting oil and filter equipment for grinding of different materials, such as tungsten steel, HSS, and stainless steel.

FANUC LR Mate 200iD Robot Loader (Opt. )

Faster tool changeover time by using a double gripper, maximum payload is up to 7 kg, tool diameter is from Ø3 to Ø16 mm, length is from Ø35 to Ø150 mm.
• Intelligent six-axis design with high flexibility achieving complex motion.
• High-speed double grippers.
• High-precision clamping and positioning.
• High rigidity and low vibration to ensure production quality.
• Trays with different diameters have different loading capacities; rods of Ø 3 to 6 mm can be loaded 900 pcs/3 trays.


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