TM/TG Helical Shaper Cutter Resharpening Machine

TM-4 Helical Shaper Cutter Resharpening Machine Specifications

Mechanical Axes
X Axis 250 mm
Y Axis 200 mm
Z Axis 200 mm
C Axis
A Axis -15˚ ~ 45˚
B Axis -5º ~ 5º
Rapid traverse X 6 m/min
Rapid traverse Y 6 m/min
Rapid traverse Z 6 m/min
Rapid traverse C 50 rpm
Rapid traverse A Manual
Rapid traverse B Manual
Linear resolution 0.001 mm
Radial resolution 0.001
Axes Motor
X Axis 1 kw
Y Axis 1 kw
Z Axis 1 kw
C Axis 0.4 kw
A Axis N/A
B Axis N/A
Tool date
Min. diameter 15 mm
Max. turning diameter 140 mm
Max. work-piece length 180 mm
Grinding spindle
Max. grinding wheel diameter 150 mm
Grinding spindle speed 0 ~ 10000 rpm
Peak Power 3HP(2.25KW)
Taper MT2 / MT3 / MT4
Cooling System
Cooling motor 1/8 HP
L x W x H 2080 x 1870 x 2230 mm
Weight 2200 kg

Standard Accessories

Full splash guard
Halogen Lamp
Automatic Lubrication System
Grinding wheel flange
Leveling bolt / block
Tool box / Adjust tool
Angle adjustment
Wheel Dresser
Paper Filter Coolant System
C.C.D Camera System
Spare belt

Option Accessories

Oil mist collector

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