TP-4 High-Precision Cylindrical Grinder

Accuracy Rigidity Efficiency

TP-4 is a 4-axis CNC precision cylindrical grinder with roughing and finishing axes as well as an ideal machine for grinding cylindrical materials of cutting tools and form punches. The equipment serves as a bridge between a centerless grinder and a 5-axis tool grinder.

According to ISO230-2 and GB standards, the repeated positioning accuracy R is 2 µm, and the positioning accuracy A is 4 µm.

With V-Blocks and rotary wheels with compensation of a temperature control system, the dimension accuracy of continuous production can be set to 0.004 mm; the concentricity can be set to less than 0.003 mm; the total length of a rod material is 330 mm; the diameter is between 0.1 to 16 mm; and the ratio of length to diameter is 350 to 1 in maximum.


Machine structure
  • The main structure of TP-4 is a 4-axis CNC cylindrical grinder equipped with a 3-axis robot-assisted feeding system, a fully automated production facility.
    The spindle grinder is equipped with two spindles and two grinding wheels placed on X and U axes.
CAE analysis
  • The TP-4 structure modal numerical simulation is carried out through a finite element analysis to obtain modal parameters.
    Use a spectrum analyzer, an accelerometer, and a hammer to undergo a systematic simulation of TP-4 and its important parts to obtain frequency response analysis. Import it into a modal analysis software, ME'scope, to establish a model. To make sure that the grinder structural strength and rigidity of TP-4 meet the requirements, compare the numerical simulation results with the experimental modal analysis results for verification.
Roughing Wheel / Finishing Wheel
Robot Arm
  • TP-4 four-axis CNC cylindrical grinder is equipped with automatic correction function to correct the material tray position of the finished claw and the material claw and the clamping position of the cylinder in the work area respectively.
Wheel Dressing (Finishing Wheel)
Front Positioning and Size End Test Function
  • Front Positioning and Size End Test Function In batch production, the probe pre-positioning function is used to record the clamping length of each workpiece before grinding.
    After grinding, the workpiece diameter end-measuring system is used to record the size of each workpiece. It is used as the data management of finished grinding products. When the size tolerance is exceeded, it can be re-grinded in the machine.

Controller and Software

HMI Interface
  • The main screen displays the coordinates of each axis, processing time, spindle load, grinding speed, wheel speed, NC program, and error message. The function key on the right side is to connect all software, including MODE-grinding mode selection, TP Smart CAM software, PARA parameter setting, Robot loading and unloading system, and Warmup.
TP Smart CAM Software
  • TP Smart software is the core function of TP-4 four-axis CNC cylindrical grinder. There are 31 built-in quick setup modules programmed for end milling cutters, drills and other tool manufacturers. Users can also use custom CAD mode to draw the required grinding profile or import DXF drawing file for specialized cylindrical grindings.
    In CAM, the grinding mode can be set for either new material grinding or used material dressing.
    There are 3 methods for grinding, including rough grinding, fine grinding, or both rough and fine grindings. Input the rotation speed of workpiece, wheel speed, grinding speed, distance between a roughing wheel and a finishing wheel, grinding quantity and safe displacement distance in order, and the grinding path will be generated and safely simulated. Once the path is confirmed, the NC program can be transmitted directly to the controller for grinding.


Dxf Input Mode

Custom Mode

Parameters And Paths Setting

  • Shank Ø 4 mm
  • Front Ø 2.878 mm, length 12 mm
  • Middle Ø 2.600 mm, length 14 mm
  • Magnification 1X ( Nikon Microscopes )
  • Shank Ø 4 mm
  • Front Ø 0.1 mm, length 35 mm
  • A ratio of 350 between length and diameter
  • Magnification 5X ( Nikon Microscopes)
  • Roughing wheel D64 / Finishing wheel SDC 1500
  • Cycle time: 46 sec.
  • Surface roughness: Ra 0.12 μm
  • Controller: FANUC 0i
  • Software: TP Smart
  • Coolant: Oelheld TOOLGRIND TC-X 620

TP-4 Machine Specifications

Mechanical Axes Strokes and Resolutions
X Axis  30 mm
Resolution 0.0001 mm
U Axis  30 mm
Resolution 0.0001 mm
Z Axis  370 mm
Resolution 0.001 mm
W Axis  100 mm
Resolution 0.001 mm
Accuracy (A) ≦0.004mm
Repeatability (R) ≦0.002mm
Axes Motor
X Axis 0.75 kW
U Axis 0.75 kW
Z Axis 1.20 kW
W Axis 1.20 kW
Grinding range
Shank Ø 3 - 16 mm
Diameter Ø 0.1 - 16 mm
Grinding length Max. 330 mm
Manual Loading & Unloading
Shank Ø 3 -  16 mm
Overall length 35 - 350 mm
Loading & Unloading System
Shank Ø 3 -  16 mm
Overall length 35 - 110 mm
Grinding spindle
Roughing Rotational Speed Max. 4500 rpm (Belt Type)
Roughing Motor 4.0 kW
Roughing Wheel Diameter  Ø250mm
Finishing rotational speed Max. 10000 r.p.m.
Finishing Built-in Spindle Motor 4.2 kW
Finishing Wheel Diameter Ø150mm
Working spindle
Rotation Speed Max. 3000 r.p.m
Motor 2.5 kW
Taper BT-40
Cooling System
Motor 1.49 kW
Machine Dimensions
Dimensions (L x W x H) 2268 x 1907 x 2184 mm
Weight 4700 kg
Total power Max. 30 KVA
Air pressure Min. 5 Kgf/cm²
Rated flow Min. 150 L/min

Standard Accessories

3D Touch Probe for Workpieces (European Brand)
Automatic Lubrication System
X&U-axis Linear Scale
Auto Parts Loading/Unloading (Three-axis Linear System)
Collet Holder : SPC8 (for collet Ø3~Ø8 mm) (NANN System, Made in Taiwan)
Collet : Ø6 mm (NANN System, Made in Taiwan)
Jaw Ø3 - Ø8 mm
Loading Tray : Ø6 mm
V-Type Support Block (Ø6 - Ø9 mm)
Grinding Wheel Flange (Ø31.75 mm)
Full Enclosure Splash Guard
Halogen Lamp
Leveling Bolts & Blocks
Tool Box & Adjusting Tool

Optional Accessories

Collet Holder : SPC16 (for collet Ø9~Ø16 mm) (NANN System, Made in Taiwan)
Collets : Ø3, Ø4, Ø8, Ø10, Ø12, Ø16 mm (NANN System, Made in Taiwan)
Jaw : Ø8~Ø12 mm, Ø11~Ø16 mm
Loading Tray : Ø3, Ø4,Ø8, Ø10, Ø12, Ø16 mm
V-Type Support Block : Ø3 - Ø5 mm, Ø9 - Ø13 mm, Ø14~Ø16 mm
Rough Diamond Wheel SDC for Carbide
Cooling System
Finish Diamond Wheel SDC for Carbide
Magnetic Separator for Filtering HSS
Spare Belt
Voltage Stabilizing Transformer

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